Wastewater Microscopic Examinations

Entering their world to make yours better. Microbiological examination assists operations by revealing causes of wastewater treatment challenges.

Our microscopist was trained and mentored by renowned microbiologist, Michael G. Richard, Ph.D.

Sending Samples

  • Fill a small plastic bottle half full of representative sample.
    • Include in separate bottles, a mixed liquor sample of the source of foam along with a sample of foam if foaming is a problem.
    • Label bottles if multiple bottles are being sent.
  • Place bottle in secondary containment, such as a Ziplock bag.
  • Print off, fill out, and include Micro-Analysis Order/ Chain of Custody form.
  • Overnight in a box or padded envelope to:
    • Vireo Environmental LLC
    • Attn: Wenda Howard
    • 11255 Windfern Rd., Suite B
    • Houston, TX 77064
  • Letting us know how many samples you are sending before you overnight them is also helpful (Contact Us)

Micro Report Includes:

  • Filament ID
    • Rank & Abundance
    • Filament Effect
  • Floc Characterization
    • Size & Shape
    • India Ink Exocellular Polysaccharides (EPS) Visualization
  • Bacteria Colony ID
    • Nitrifying Bacteria
    • Phosphate Accumulating Organisms (PAO’s)
    • Glycogen Accumulating Organisms (GAO’s)
  • ID Protists & Invertebrates
  • Photomicrographs
  • Video (if micro life is lively)

Findings Assist Operations

  • Sludge Age / Wasting Rate
  • Settling & Bulking Causes
    • Dissolved Oxygen
    • Sulfides
    • Organic Acids
    • Nutrient Deficiencies
    • Grease & Oil
    • Low pH
  • Foam Sources & Remediation
Stalked Ciliate Colony
Microscope Slide
Bridging Filament Effect